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Education With a Purpose

"The purpose of education is not to cut down the jungles but to irrigate the desert." C.S. Lewis

There is more to education than passing a test. At CCS we partner with Christian parents and their churches to teach knowledge, wisdom, and values from a Christian perspective. 

Beyond preparation for college and career, we teach students that they can do all things through Christ. As the Psalmist proclaims, those who delight in the Lord will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water and will prosper. 

Learning is a life-long pursuit. Teachers at CCS foster curiosity about the world and help students find their place in it. Students are challenged to examine ideas in literature, science, and culture. Is it beautiful? Is it true? As students ponder these questions, our teachers come alongside them and point to the Creator.

The personal relationships cultivated at CCS provide an opportunity for teachers to encourage students in their faith. Students are also encouraged through weekly chapel and Bible classes.

What are we doing at CCS? We come alongside parents and churches to help students discover their identity and calling. We teach that truth exists and that all truth comes from God. We are assisting students to understand their world. We shepherd hearts. We sharpen minds. We irrigate deserts.

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