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Our middle school team consists of a group of excellent teachers, Mr. Clark, Ms. O'Neil, Ms. Bailey, Ms. Hunter and Ms. Millard. Learn more about them below. 

Mr. Clark is the Dean of Students and one of our middle school teachers. This is Mr. Clark's fourth year teaching at CCS. He teaches our middle school Bible classes, assists with our middle school chapel program, and serves as our Middle School Dean of Students. He also coaches our middle school boys basketball team. Mr. Clark earned his degree in Bible Teaching from Columbia International University. 

"My Bible class is relationship driven and scripture based. This aids in achieving my primary goal, which is for students to grow a fondness of heart towards the scriptures, that will serve them far beyond my classroom." - Mr. Clark

Ms. O'Neil is the Curriculum Coordinator and one of our middle school teachers. This is Ms. O’Neil’s seventh year at CCS. Ms. O’Neil earned her degree in Middle Level Math and History Education from Grove City College. She spearheads our Algebra I for high school credit course for 8th grade students. 

Her teaching style is discussion orientated and inquiry based. 

Mrs. Lisa Hunter is our middle school Science teacher and also teaches 6th Grade Math and 5th Grade Science. This is her third year at CCS. Her passion for science is contagious, and we look forward every year to her instilling that passion in our students. Prior to her time at CCS, Mrs. Hunter was the Director of Education at the Sylvan Learning Center. During her 17 years working at Sylvan, Mrs. Hunter tutored middle school and high school students in math and science. She earned her degree in Education from the College of Charleston.

I believe that education is more than simply teaching facts, memorization, and recitation. It is important that students know how and why and to give them a Biblical perspective. I want to inspire a love of learning by building students' academic confidence and igniting their intellectual curiosity. - Mrs. Hunter

Ms. Juliet Millard teaches a variety of classes. This is her fifth year at CCS. She teaches 5th ELA, 6th ELA, 7th History, and 8th Spanish 1. She also teaches elective Spanish classes once a week to students in grades K-7. 

Mrs. Kate Bailey teaches 7th and 8th Grade Language Arts. This is Mrs. Bailey’s third year at CCS. She earned her degree in French from King University, and also earned her Master’s Degree in English Literature from Gardner-Webb University.

Mr. Mac Mood teaches Introduction to Algebra, an introductory course for students who plan to take Algebra 1 in high school. This is Mr. Mood’s third year with us at CCS.

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