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Our middle school team is made up of three excellent teachers, Mr. Clark, Ms. O'Neil, and Ms. Shega. Learn more about them below. 

Mr. Clark is the 6th grade homeroom teacher. This is his second year of teaching, both at CCS. He did his student teaching at CCS in early 2019. He graduated from Columbia International University with two bachelor degrees, one in Bible Teaching and one in Bible. He teaches 6-8th grade science, pre-algebra and 8th grade bible. His classroom is home to the unofficial school mascot, Russell the Leopard Gecko. 

My teaching style is based on what I want my classroom to be like. I want my classroom to be respectful, responsible, hardworking, and fun. Respectful of neighbors, responsible to duties, hardworking on assignments, and if each of those are done, I like to mix in some fun when appropriate. Mr. Clark

Ms. O'Neil is our seventh grade homeroom teacher. She has taught at CCS for five years and has taught for six years. She has a Bachelor's of Science in Middle Level Math and History, She is currently working on her masters at Covenant College. She teaches middle school history, 6th grade math and Algebra I for high school credit. She also teaches Creative Writing and Technology for our 3rd through 8th grade students. Ms. O'Neil is also the Curriculum Coordinator for CCS. 

Her teaching style is discussion orientated and inquiry based. 

Miss Shega is our 8th grade homeroom teacher. This is her second year of teaching, both at CCS. She graduated from Grove City College with an English major, as well as a minor in Spanish. She teaches 6-8th grade English, 4th-8th grade Spanish, Book Club, and Creative Writing. Her classroom is home to the beloved class pet, a rabbit named Poppy Sprinkles!

Through my teaching, I strive to show the love of Christ and to foster a love of learning.  I appreciate teaching my students both English Language Arts and Spanish because both subjects allow me to engage them with language in different ways. My teaching style includes teacher-centered lessons that lead to student-centered engagement. As a middle school teacher, I guide my students toward taking more ownership for their work. Ms. Shega

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