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Charleston Christian School is a ministry of Church Creek Presbyterian and Grace on the Ashley. A multitude of different churches are represented in our student community.  We strongly believe that Christian education should be offered to as many like-minded families as possible and to achieve this end we want our school to be affordable for all socioeconomic backgrounds.  We do our best to work with families to provide tuition based on a family’s ability to pay. To evaluate a family's ability to afford a CCS education, the school uses FACTS which is an objective, independent third party. FACTS provides a tuition recommendation to the school. Below are the base tuition rates. 



Kindergarten - 5th $7,260
6th - 8th $7,480


A $125 non-refundable fee is due with the submission of each application.
A $480 Facility Fee per family
A $350 non-refundable enrollment fee per student (new and returning) will be due when a student is enrolled each year.  Enrollment will not be considered complete until this enrollment fee is received. Early and late fees are applicable. Check out our admissions deadlines for more dates. 


CCS offers two different ways to pay tuition.
  1. 100% payment in full by cash, check, or 529 plan. 
  2. 12 monthly installments from June to May through FACTS Tuition, a direct tuition account service. There is an annual fee FACTS charges for the installment plan for the upcoming school year.
All tuition payments (except full, one time payments) must be made through FACTS. 


Charleston Christian School believes every family in the school community should contribute to the operating expenses of the school, but does not want children to be excluded because of economic circumstances. To evaluate a family's ability to afford a CCS education, the school uses FACTS which is an objective, independent third party. FACTS provides a tuition recommendation to the school.  In order to find the appropriate tuition amount, we must assess the financial strength of each family. To do this, many factors are considered including income, assets, number of dependents, and the number of children attending schools that charge tuition. The process will also include discretionary spending including but not limited to: medical expenses, consumer debt, automobiles, mortgages, and other family expenses.
It is important to note that even though decisions about admission and tuition are made at the same time, the two processes are separate. Charleston Christian School engages in a thorough admissions process to determine if a family and child are a good fit for our unique and distinctive school community. Our tuition decision will be determined after the school has confirmed that Charleston Christian is the right school for the students applying for admission. The financial information provided in the tuition application is held in strict confidence and is NOT shared with anyone outside the Financial Aid Committee.
Through FACTS Online Payment plan Set-Up Link, you will be able to arrange for monthly payments for CCS tuition. FACTS Online Payment plan Set-Up Link will allow you to make automatic payments from your Checking or Savings account and also your credit cards (Excluding AMEX).  This is for new and returning families to use for the upcoming school year.
Tuition assistance is provided through FACTS Grants and Aid Management. Once you have completed your Admissions Application, you may request information about applying for Financial Aid.
Step One:  Complete and submit our online application.
Step Two:  For a link to apply for financial aid, please email:
Shelley Fipps, Director of Communications and Admissions:
Step Three:  You will receive a link for FACTS to enter all pertinent information to apply for financial aid. 
Step Four:  Complete and submit your financial aid application. During the review process, the financial aid committee will review the results of the FACTS assessment and decide on a financial aid offer if acceptance is indicated.