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Teacher Appreciation Week

Category: General

Date: May 3, 2021 - May 7, 2021

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3- May 7th.
May 1 Principal Appreciation Day- Ashley Chandler
May 3-7 Teacher Appreciation Week
May 6 Nurse Appreciation Day- Nurse Rebecca Maddox
May 7 National School Communicators Appreciation Day - Shelley Fipps

*Monday- Fuel for the Week
Bring your teacher’s favorite sweet treat or salty snack! (Listed under Favorites)

* Tuesday - Stock the Classroom
Have the students bring in school supplies needed by your teacher to finish the school year. Ask your teacher what they need)

*Wednesday- Love ya Latte
Bring in your teachers favorite coffee/tea/beverage. (Listed under Favorites)

*Thursday- Say Thank -You
Have the students bring a note of thanks or draw a thank-you picture for their teacher.

*Friday- Teachers are a Gift
Give your teacher a gift card basket of her favorites! (Ask parents to send in a $5 gift card to their favorite restaurant or you can purchase one gift card and have parents pay you back- listed under Favorites)