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CCS Values


The goal of CCS is to prepare students for their future endeavors by providing a rigorous and comprehensive academic and extracurricular program. We use a variety of resources to ensure high curricular standards. 

Charleston Christian School is accredited by the South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA).


CCS teachers are the shining stars of our school! Our teachers challenge their students and help them examine all things in light of Scripture. Along with that, they guide and mentor their students, pointing them to the right path. They view teaching as a ministry.  As much as they want to see your child grow intellectually, they are also committed to helping your child grow in Christ-likeness. At CCS, your child will be loved and prayed for by their teacher over the course of the day. All of our teachers endeavor to shepherd hearts and sharpen minds.


We believe that God is the author of all that is true. Of course, that means that we teach His Word. Students take Bible classes and attend chapel. It also means that we get excited about lizards, and language, and linear equations --- they're God's creation, too!

Christian Community

We partner with Christian families to teach knowledge, wisdom and virtue from a Christian perspective. We are a community of like-minded people in an environment where similar values are celebrated.

Find Us

We are located in the West Ashley area of Charleston, SC. Many of our families reside in West Ashley, Hollywood, or Ravenel. The school is located on the property of Grace on the Ashley at the back of their church campus. Our address is 2027 Bees Ferry Road, Charleston SC 29414.

CCS is a ministry of Church Creek Presbyterian and Grace on the Ashley.
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